A New Year Wish

I wish, in this coming year, that you are blessed.
Blessed with good health and happiness,
With good company,
And long nights filled with laughter.

I wish that you have all that you need,
And that which you don’t passes from your life with ease.
That you are graced with good fortune,
That you achieve success.
Whatever that means to you.

I hope you get to read a good book, or twenty,
That you have many good meals,
With plenty of fine wine,
And generally have a damned good time.

From beginning to end,
I wish you a happy new year.


There’s a weight in the belly for an hour or so before, when you know the time is coming.

There’s a knot in your chest with the last hug, the cheerful “Drive safe”,

The last closing of the door.

And perhaps a quiet kind of sadness as you wash up the cup they used and tidy away their presence,

Make like they were never even there.

But the smell of them on your sheets doesn’t fade so fast,

And you’ll spend another night alone and awake in the dark.

(Eh, clumsy, but it was there to be written)

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