Sleep In!!

I got to sleep to 6:30am this morning. Rabbit usually wakes at 5:30am so this was awesome! I feel good. I’ve done housework I’ve been putting off for a couple of days even and it’s only 10am.

So, Rabbit is 3 weeks today. In the past 3 weeks I have learnt something important: Babies are a fuckton of work and I can’t do all the things I want to. I need to nap at least once a day with her in order to be functional for her 12-1am feed and she needs a lot of my time with feeds, nappy changes and playing. We’ve resolved one problem by putting together her big cot in the loungeroom so she can play and nap out here with me during the day.

Photo of my 3 week old daughter, nicknamed Rabbit, sleeping on a colourful play mat.
Rabbit seems to like her play mat in the cot set up. She plays and naps while I do chores.

Unfortunately, all that means I’ve had to drop things. The main one is my Hekate course. I can pick it up in the next cycle of it so it’s not a drama, but I’m a bit sad. I simply can’t keep up with it right now and I definitely won’t be able to catch up and keep up with it when uni starts back at the end of Feb.

With that said, there is some good news. I’m developing a nice routine with the little one and that means I’m doing ok with my self-care. My mental health is holding up surprisingly well, and I’m physically doing pretty damned well. My shoulders are killing me, but I’ll sort out a massage to right that soon. The girls are back at school so I have a bit of quiet and calm at home during the week now, after several months of someone always being here. Also Kovu the Dog has chilled the fuck out and is back to behaving himself for the most part. Still working on the barking but it’s getting better.

My Mate is away for work for 10 days and I’m missing him like blazes. However, I’m managing the home stuff and I’m upright. I’m also super proud of him. He knows why I am.

There’s been very little creative stuff this last 2 weeks, but I’ve continued on Rabbit’s blanket and am about to start a little gift for a friend’s baby which is due in a few weeks.

So that’s me, how are you?


2018 New Year Goals

I either go into the new year with a war cry or actual goals. This year coming is a goal year and as usual, I’m well ahead of January in putting them together. I like to actually think these things through and plan them. I’ve gone with 6 goals this year, and I think all are achievable. 1 is kind of an ongoing thing but I think I’ll want the reminder when I look back at this list given how much energy a newborn needs from their parents.

Overall though I have a personal goal, a family goal, a study goal, a creative goal, a super-mundane goal and a magical goal. 6 distinct parts of my life covered ;p

  1. Remember to keep on top of my self-care. I can’t achieve anything else if I’m completely falling over.

  2. Be a good parent to Rabbit. She’s joining us in early January. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Pretty straight-forward as far as it goes, but also easier said than done.

  3. Do well at my university studies. Again, rather self-explanatory as far as it goes. I want to achieve good grades. The degree does call for an honours year.

  4. Learn to spin yarn and weave. I have now got two lovely looms. One is a small tabletop rigid heddle and the other a large four heddle loom I was given. I also have a spinning wheel in the garage. I would like to pair this goal with sourcing sustainable, ethically produced, materials and dying methods.

  5. Do something about my wardrobe. It’s over-flowing with things I don’t wear, and clothes that really need replacing despite how much I love them. I own a sewing machine, there’s a charity store nearby and I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time already thinking about how to go from this mess to capsule wardrobe.

  6. Stick with the Hekate work I am doing. Routine is often unfamiliar in my world and it’s time I developed it. 

Io Heka Io Ho

How does one count 100 chants of Io Heka Io Ho without disrupting the flow of the mantra??

If you’re me you spend a month waiting on carnelian beads that you then find out you totally misjudged the size on, then procrastinate for another week or two on actually doing anything with them…

The bracelet is carnelian, leather and silk thread. It only contains 50 of the 100 beads I’d ordered because I made a mistake in my measurement but I’m thinking a second one would be nice rather than starting over. It’s not perfect, but it’s the first bit of jewellery I’ve made on my own so it’s a good start.

I start Jason Miller’s Sorcery of Hekate course today/tomorrow (time zone differences are killer). I’ve heard a lot about it and am extremely grateful for the chance to do this.

Ritual Notes: Hekate at the Crossroads

A Shrine to Hekate

I am struggling to find words for this post even though I do wish to write about it. The short version is my very pregnant butt made it to a wonderful ritual for Hekate of the Crossroads and came out feeling refreshed, assured and inspired.

The longer version…

I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d go in the ritual. I arrived exhausted, having finished the years Christmas shopping after spending 4 hours waddling slowly around a major shopping centre. On that front I was surprised to reach the end and feel better for the night’s work – but I did sleep 19 of 24 hours the following day. Take that how you will.

Of the actual ritual I wont say much. It was a private ritual, in a private home, and it remains private, but of my own experiences in it…

To be held in power by a deity is awing and overwhelming usually, but this felt more like being faced with a mother. Gentle, kindly and yet still awing and powerful in Her own right. I handed to Her what I had to give, and felt it little to be offering at her feet, and in return I was given the guidance to move forward in 3 ways:

  • Reassurance that I was on the right path and that motherhood was as much part of the path I am to walk with Her as devotion and magic is.
  • A firm yes to the importance of spinning and weaving as part of my devotion and magic with Her. Both skills I am gearing up to learn in the next year.
  • Guidance to where I am on my personal crossroads, where I have strengths and where I have blocks I need to overcome to best serve Her and improve my own life in those cardinal directions.

Simple things, perhaps, but important at a time where my life is at a huge crossroads.
Even had I not gotten so much out of this ritual it still was one of the loveliest I have had a chance to attend this year. I do so hope there are many more to come.

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