I got really sick this last weekend.

Weeks of early starts, late finishes, bad eating and bad sleep caught up with me…

At Confest. Was not happy to have had to leave early, but it was a very effective boot up the ass. Mega effective. The upset to me and the upset to the Wild one Рwho was meant to b fire twirling that nights Рwas far worse than the drive back on Sunday or how sick I felt.

It’s highlighted a lot of frustration that I have though. Do you know how hard it is to get food that I can eat when I’m out in the sticks? And restaurants that cater to my dietary requirements are either super expensive or… average. I feel bad even saying that, but it’s true. If the menu consists of stuff I can make at home and better then it’s average. I don’t want to pay for that.

But paying for not average poison… well my hands are weak as shit and in pain days later. My joints are aching and I feel like crap, still. Just better than on the weekend.

Anyway, off to cook. Bitch over.

Confest 2014

I think I shall just declare Confest the start of my year from now on. It’s that kind of place. This year I didn’t do a single workshop (Pixie Brat made up for it by doing ALL the workshops). I was exhausted and spent most my time asleep, resting or wandering and cuddling with The Wild One. Realistically it was the first real break I’ve had since this time last year.

And like last year it was a real game changer as far as my outlook on the future goes.

I took this photo as we reached the gates on our way out, and it kind of sums the whole weekend up. My Wild One and I, hippies at heart and sickeningly cutely in love.

The Wild One and I – Hand in Hand

Now that I’m out the other side and home (doing stupid¬†amounts of laundry) my mind has turned towards minimising the amount of stuff I have and streamlining my space into something more user friendly and spacious. I have a large room, but very little space due to the amount of *STUFF* I keep.

More on that later.

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