Depending on what parts of my social media you follow and whether you’ve seen me in the past few weeks you will or won’t know what’s happening or may know bits of it…
So as mentioned in the last pot – I got, at the same time, glandular fever, a strain of the flu and a sinus infection. I’m through the worst of it. I can’t breath for shit as the infection is in my upper respitory area and I’m permenantly exhausted as that’s what happens when you get glandular fever, but I’m through the worst of it.
I will still need a lot of rest over the next few weeks.
Rabbit has been really sick with a nasty chest infection and is stillr recovering. And my beloved Wolf is pretty exhausted, as he has post viral syndrome, because he got glandular fever months ago and worked through it rather than resting.
So it’s a pretty exhausted and miserable household right now.
In the process of getting all of these I have lost the contract I had. I’m really sad about that, but as a tiny litttle business they needed someone who was well enough to show up. We’ve parted on good terms at least.
I also had to drop out of uni this semester as I was incapable of doing the work required.
What happens next?
I’m going to be very tired for a while. I’ve picked up a theory unit at uni next semester as it will be less work for me, but very little paid work for me for the next little while.
But my main focus is nurturing me and the family. Some gentle yoga, better food to build up our immune systems, and reading. Lots of reading. I need to read.
Rabbit will be dropped back to 1 day a week at kindy shortly so I’ll be looking to do things with her most the time. If anyone has ideas shout out. She’s not walking yet, but she’s curios about everything. We’re in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia if any mums are local and have thoughts.
Once we’re both a lot healthier we’ll be working on finally getting the backyard done. I think the plan is to be laying turf in late Jan/early Feb is anyone is interested in helping out in exchange for food and drink.
Uhm, yeah, so this is it. This is where I’m at. I’m exhausted, and a bit sad, and just trying to move forward and take care of myself. My priorities are tight – my family, my health, uni.

How fast it changes…

So I caught glandular fever…

And one of the strains of influenza they didn’t vaccinate for this year…

And then I got a respitory infection on top of those…

So I’m not employed anymore and I’ve had to take the rest of semester off of uni.

That was a bit of a change from my last post.

Poor little Rabbit also has a chest infection and my darly Wolf appaears to have post viral syndrome – which basically means he had glandular fever but worked through it so now he’s just got that lingering fatigue.

Not fun on the home front. Working on some art for me now. Well art for some friends of mine.

It’s that time of year where I start looking at doing a review of 2018 and putting some plan in for 2019. Everything has been so crazy this year though. We shall see.

Art, Work, and Losing Ground

Christ things are hard at the moment.

On the good!

I really enjoy working in events. It’s great and the team I’m working for are lovely. The work is all day and full on so I don’t get bored and clock watch at all, which is wonderful. I also don’t tend to bring any of the day’s stresses home with me.

I got a HD for my first portfolio submission at uni. I was half way through my 2nd year when I dropped out and was a bit worried that it would go to hell in a hand basket as I was out of practice. All is good. (Two of my first works below)

Rabbit is growing fast and turning into a right little explorer of the world. She loves water, and gardening. Unfortunately I’ve had to cordon off one of my plants as she tries to garden inside a lot. She also enjoys food a lot aespecially vegemite and cheese sandwiches (but also including catfood and random things off the floor).


I’m really enjoying my studies, and am plannign personal artworks for when I have 5 damned minutes. I have a painting sketched up for one friend and another in development for a different friend.


The Bad…

Christ things are hard.

There’s nothing other then the three things above.

All my work on my mental health has stalled and I’ve lost a lot of ground. I’ve barely been able to work for my other clients in months and I’m perpetually out of spoons. I havent moped, cooked a decent meal or spent much time with my Beloved Wolf for quite a while and I see no end in sight.

I leave off uni for two days and then I completely ose my routine and start struggling to keep up, but working every night leaves no time for anything outside of Rabbit – which I have to bust my ass to make time for as it is.

I don’t know, there’s no point to this. Life is life, and right now it’s hard.


There is so much happening right now and I’ve been kind of off in my own little world.

So, Rabbit… Rabbit is amazing. She is cute as a button and rapidly learning all the things. She’s walking along furniture and with support, picking things up, playing peek a boo and generally being an awesome baby. She also sleeps with her butt in the air.



I’ve started back at university and thrown myself into it. It’s great. I’m loving every second of it.

Speaking of loving things. Working for myself is awesome and the people I have as clients are epic. You can, should you be looking for a virtual assistant (remote administrator/personal assistant), find me over here:



On the not so great scale. Carpal tunnel, fucked knee, lost of pain, minimal sleep = emotional wreckage and not coping with being a mum very well, but I keep on trying and my beloved does their best to help me cope.

I don’t even…

I’m exhausted. I’m in massive amounts of pain daily. And I have a joyful bundle of almost 8-month-old bouncing all over me.

She’s the best.

I want to quit on life.

That’s all I got right now.

SoulCraft – Refashioning Your Wardrobe with Jane Milburn

This talk, of the three, was the one about actually creating things. Which is kind of amusing, but rather typical of me? Jane was delightful and is the author of Slow Clothing, a book on the slow fashion movement. She had bought samples from her own wardrobe of upcycled clothing and accessories to show us and discuss.

It was a rather informal talk, but one I took a few things from.

  1. Buy second hand and stop the fashion waste. And in like, donate old clothes you no longer wish to own rather than throwing them out.
  2. Buy natural fibers – they’re so much better for the environment.
  3. Repair clothes – And don’t be afraid to be creative about it. Use a contrasting thread, embroider patches or sew on cute buttons to cover holes, attach a different fabric, add lace.
  4. Update clothes – Look for the potential in an item. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can add to it or cut away, pin on some lace.
  5. Upcycle clothes – Don’t be scared to cut them up and completely refashion items. Shirts become skirts, skirts become cute tops etc.
  6. If you absolutely must buy new then buy the best you can afford. It will last longer and therefore not contribute to fashion waste as much.

For me, it left a desire to see if I can get through the remainder of this year without adding anything ‘new’ to my wardrobe.


Craft for the Soul

After a week that ended with me a bloody mess, because the brain, this weekend has been an utter joy. My birthday gift from the lovely Mate was tickets to the Soul Craft Festival held this weekend at the Meat Market, North Melbourne. As per its name, it was a festival for the soul for those of us who craft.

There was a section of couches to chill on, a great big hall of long tables for eating and chatting at, a food vendor whose wares looked wonderful (I’m skint so I took my own food both days), the absolutely required marketplace, the long workshops (again, skint so didn’t do those), a small gallery of works, craft dating, and then two stages and several demo spaces where talks and demonstrations ran every hour. It was up to you where you took it. You could chill with your friends, rampage around the marketplace, attend every demo or talk, or just space it out with a bit of everything. The general layout was easy to navigate, it got a wee bit noisy from time to time but was pretty good overall*, a jumper was required as the venue is one of those large open layout ones that are a bit cool (but not cold) at this time of year in Melbourne, and the decorations around the place were a really lovely touch.

It was also eco-friendly. You bought your own bags and washable coffee cups, everything was recyclable. They asked us to go as cash-free as we could and avoid printing tickets or the timetables.

So, starting with the important things… STASH!!! I was in ferret shock. So many vendors, so much pretty, and all Australian. My favorite thing was the number of Australian farmers and eco-friendly yarn producers there were. I was especially stoked to run across a permaculture farmed wool! Eeeeee!! I have a memory like a sieve so here are the business cards I took photos of.

And of course I added to my stash! Check out this beautiful hand dyed wool I’m going to be making a jumper out of:


Onwards to the talks. I attended a few. Being my first baby-free weekend in the 5 months Rabbit has been with us I was pretty tired and I found myself leaving the house later so I could sleep in and vaguing out pretty badly in the later afternoon sessions. That’s on me, not the presenters. There was a full complement of speakers and topics to be looked in on (see the program here). There really was something for everyone and every speaker I saw was a delight. The ones I particularly enjoyed were Refashioning Your Wardrobe with Jane Milburn, Why We Don’t Need Talent to Make with Felicia Semple, and The Ongoing Practice of Stashless with Felicia Semple. Each of these needs a separate post to articulate the why and my feelings about them and those will be coming.

This was the festivals very first year and I really hope they run it again. Would I make any changes?

In the negative? No. There was nothing I would take away from the festival.

I would add a tiny handful of things to it:

  1. A quiet zone: while it wasn’t hugely packed in or crowded it was busy enough to be very much over stimulating to someone with sensory issues*
  2. A skill share space: Somewhere that we attendees could comfortably sit and share our skills with each other. Many people just struck up conversations, but for someone shy like myself a place we could go to trade hints and tips would be a fun way to network.
  3. An Open Stage or Curated Discussion Space: Probably due to Confest, but by the end of day 1 I really wanted to get up and talk about things and get opinions etc. We could ask questions of presenters but somewhere a bit less formal where attendees could do a 30 or 40min presentation, or run a discussion on a topic dear to them would be really beneficial for community building I think.Look, overall, I loved this. Every minute of it. I will be there next year if it runs again. I’d love to take a master class even, although I had so much fun as it was I don’t need to. I really do recommend the Soul Craft Festival to anyone who passionately loves their crafting.

    *Of the two days Sunday was quieter and probably the best option for anyone with sensory issues to attend.