2016 in Review.

It’s mid-ish November, I’ve just logged out of my facebook with no idea when I plan on logging back in and removed the app from my phone.

Trump is President-elect of the United States which is mildly terrifying, and our government is sending off-shore processed refugees to there… because why not send them to a country that doesn’t want them.

Earlier this year the Australian people voted mother-fucking Pauline Hansen into parliament, and failed to boot our shitty ass government out in favor of better things. We’re still a coalition.

David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Gene Wilder and Leonard Cohen all died… Bowie, Rickman and Prince were pretty fucking devastating. After Bowie it all just melted into a pot of ‘God, fuck, no’.

In my personal life it’s been up and down.

On the down I was retrenched in April, been broke, been sick several times, have lost very little weight, have had a world of stress on my shoulders, haven’t made much art, finances are tight, and it’s generally been a rough year.

On the up… We moved into our house with help of amazing friends. The house is gorgeous and feels like ours in a way that rentals never do. I’m happy here and we’re building our life together which is amazing. The wedding planning continues with a few minor setbacks and we’re pretty fucking excited about life at large.

I have some answers to health problems that have lessened the complaints from my stomach and digestive track which has improved my overall health in many ways. I have much lower pain issues thanks to the same change in diet plans that helped my stomach as they also alleviated a lot of the inflammation in my joints. On top of that I have a diagnosis for my foot pain that has lead to improvements in feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back which has been awesome. So much less pain means so much better sleep. Better sleep means more stable me, and that means…

I’m coming off my meds, successfully as far as we can tell. The first 2 weeks were a nightmare, but the anxiety has settled down to generally being caused by something or due to being over tired and unable to reign in stress over inconsequential shit. So I’m now at week four.

About a month back I also started a new job which I am loving. I’ve gone from 4 half days to four full days and am stepping up to take over the roster coordinator role whilst they’re on leave. I’m scheduling, and it’s challenging enough to be interesting without being super stressful like the old job was. I love it, and am hoping to be there for a few years while I study.

Speaking of, I started the pre-requisite classes for my degree this year, and it is going super well. I did really well on my portfolio and first essay – High distinctions on both. So now I’m waiting on results from my final essay and chat board grades (participation markers because we’re online students). So that’s good. Next semester is Statistics so… panic stations.

Mum is coming down for Christmas too, which is nice. We’ll also have the cousins, in-laws, bro-in-law and wifey with kids in tow. It’s gonna be big and fun. First family Christmas we’ve done since I moved in.


So yeah, that’s my year in redux. No idea what the next month and a half will bring, but it better be better than Trump and no more people dying or else. It’s summer. Have a photo from a few weeks back when we climbed Hanging Rock. Look, it’s me and stuff.

First Quarter Review

A quick review of the new year resolutions. A check in and all that.

The Career Stuff

It’s a slow crawl and there are new changes coming in which will make doctors cry, but overall I am travelling in the directions I want. Workload is more under control, which flows into stress load more under control. Slowly building the job I want into it.

EDIT: I was retrenched yesterday. Just trying to figure out what’s next.


It would help if I wasn’t permanently sick, but this is also going along smoothly, if a little slowly. Need to get that monthly dinner going again. Others are actually continuing nicely.

Plan a fucking wedding.

Invites out, things booked, dresses chosen, and onwards we go.

Lose weight and get fit

Fail… Can’t run (doctors orders), only just got back to yoga, sucked at my diet stuff and generally screwed myself over with this one. Working on it in small steps over the next quarter. Currently working on the diet, trying to make it to aerial yoga each week and talking to a bellydance instructor regarding whether her classes will be suitable for me.

Make more art

On the list of things that work better if you don’t pack everything. *Le Sigh*

Reading List

I’m reading a lot but not the things on that list. Meh, I’m reading!

A New Year Wish

I wish, in this coming year, that you are blessed.
Blessed with good health and happiness,
With good company,
And long nights filled with laughter.

I wish that you have all that you need,
And that which you don’t passes from your life with ease.
That you are graced with good fortune,
That you achieve success.
Whatever that means to you.

I hope you get to read a good book, or twenty,
That you have many good meals,
With plenty of fine wine,
And generally have a damned good time.

From beginning to end,
I wish you a happy new year.

The Resolutions of 2016

I’ve never been huge on these resolution things, but I’m beginning to take a liking to having a plan and acting on it. Then checking back in on it later so I can see how I’m tracking… and that’s what I’m working on.

The Career Stuff. – I have a lot of career based goals for 2016 which I’m not going to go into detail on, but they are centre stage in many ways. It’s the first time I’ve had a job that I really feel fits and there are huge projects ahead so now we have to really push them to work. So a quick overview:

Stress/Time Management.
Solidify scheduling practice.
Delivery (without making doctors cry).

This year there are plans to execute:

Build on my relationships outside of my Wolf and Sprogs. – I got very insular last year, but I do need social activity to be sane. I especially want to gather together with some of the other professional women in my life on a regular/semi-regular basis for foodings and chat.

Monthly get togethers with the amazing women in my life.
Make it to at least one party/social event a month.
Catch up with individual people rather than ‘soon’ notes.
Cook meals for people.

Plan a fucking wedding! – I have no idea how to do this. I figure it’s just a super fancy party so that works for me and that’s what I’m running with. Big party, much fun to be had. The wedding stuff will be tagged and linked on a page once it’s started.

Lose weight and get fit. – Yeah yeah yeah, every year and every human being on the face of the planet, but really… I spent last year getting the damage and pain issues under control so I can do this. I have to have my foot looked at early in 2016, but that going well the plans are:

Regular floor based yoga practice.
Start running as soon as I have doctor’s clearance re foot. (I even have new runners).
Loose 10-15kg and 2 dress sizes (not actually unrealistic)
Break the Coke-a-Cola and Ice Break habits.

Make more art. – To this end I have started up a little group called the Little Sharp Teeth Collective made of close friends to help keep us all accountable to our goals. Complexity of pieces will effect these plans but for now:

1 print per month.
1 crochet piece every other month.

EDIT: I am also going to read everything on this list: http://io9.gizmodo.com/the-essential-cyberpunk-reading-list-1714180001

And that’s it really. We move into our new house in a few months and there will be a lot of gardening and time with the girls and stuff, but I think this sums up the plan of attack for now.

2015 – New Year Goals

Yeah I’m doing both this year.

  1. Continue with the building of solid relationships.
  2. Cut back on the alcohol and sugar.
  3. Cook things. Lots of things. New things. Use the fucking cookbook collection.
  4. Learn to work wood, silversmith and make incense.

Therapy, health, food (it totally needs it’s own category) and shit I want to learn. All vital categories covered.

What are yours?

2015 – Manifesto.

In late November I picked up ‘The Art of Asking‘. It reduced me to tears and poked at the mush that is my brain in some very good, if painful, ways. I’ll be re-reading it soon.

I moved on to The Punk Rock Yoga Manifesto which has surprised me as much because of how much of the principles behind yoga I already aspire too as because it was totally not what I thought it would be.

These two books have very much influenced next years ‘Manifesto’.

Sit. Stretch. Surrender.

I will Sit.

I will sit with my emotions. I will sit with my stress, my grief, my pain and my past. I will sit with my calm, happiness, strength and joy. I won’t dismiss it. I won’t force through it or dismiss it. I will sit with it and allow myself to feel it, process and learn from it.

I will sit with my body. I will acknowledge it’s strengths as readily as I do it’s weaknesses. I will allow myself to sit with it, I will allow myself to listen to it, I will allow myself to nurture it and I will allow myself to learn from it.

I will Stretch.

I will stretch and push outside of my comfort zones.

I will learn new skills. I will work to push past the walls I’ve built up to protect myself. I will work to bring down those walls. I will continue to push my own boundaries.

I will Surrender.

I will let go. Of old hurts, of old insecurities, of old pains.

I will let go of my preconceived notions of what I should be and allow myself to just be. I will let go of my preconceived notions of what my life should be at let it just be. I will let go of my preconceived notions of what my relationships should be like and let them just be.

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