Generally everything on here should be safe for those on the Low FODmap diet. As what people can eat on said diet does vary please double check you’re ok with what’s in all recipes. I’ve recently added Gluten Free and Lactose Free to the requirements of my diet so more things coming.

Most of these recipes are safe for most dietary requirements or easily made safe. Check notes for anything that is specifically not (i.e.. Mum’s cookies)

Potato and Leek Soup

Slow Cooked Steak, and Kidney Pie Filling
Sweet BBQ Slow Cooked Pork Ribs – We remade this using beef ribs, also fucking fantastic
Slow Cooked Balsamic Not-Honey Pulled Pork
Chicken Burritos
Tycho’s Hainanese Chicken – links to Tycho’s blog with notes on my variation
Tuna Patties – Needs a couple of hours

Biscuits, Slices and Sweet Snacks
Mum’s choc chip cookies – Not Gluten Free


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