Pomegranates and Parenthood stemmed out of change, as all good things do.

I am a mid-30’s professional about to undertake the huge venture that is parenthood alongside my beloved Wolf. It’s a huge change of lifestyle for me, although he’s done it before with TWINS, and a bit scary. This blog will document some of the parenting, some of the crafting, some other things I think are worthy of talking about and also my current place with witchcraft and worship.

I am beyond the point where I can seperate the mundane and magical in my life. They feed into and off of each other in so many ways.

On the personal front, outside of becoming a parent and being pregnant, I am a learning several types of textile related crafts over the next little while. Primarily weaving and spinning, alongside my well loved crochet. I have a ‘to make’ list that is a mile long so there will be lots of crafty posts. I am doing some formal Hekate studies so lots of posts on that front.

I suffer mental illness in the form of long term depression and anxiety issues that you’ll see the odd post about.

I have a dog, a partner, two step kids and a cat… shortly to add a newborn to that collective. I’m not as weird and off the rails as I used to be. Honestly I am pretty boring, but I’m here.

Welcome to Pomegranates and Parenthood.

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