Oops, it’s February

Crap, this year is just getting away from me. It’s already been a big one.

Word art 'January' in white with blue and gold decorative swirls around it on a black background
  • Rabbit had her 1st Birthday. They’re up and crawling and getting into mischief.
  • We went camping. It was a great three nights away in Central Vic just out of Little Desert.
  • I made the call not to return to study this year as I need to focus on my health. My leave of absence was approved without an issue.
  • I dropped down a dose of my antidepressant. Outside of being sick for several days it went very well.
  • M & J got their further study offers. M is doing an associate diploma in IT and J was offered a university place in law.
  • J moved back in.
  • B went to the USA and we survived!
  • We finally got a plan mapped out for the backyard. This includes building B an office out there so Rabbit isn’t under his feet when he’s working.
Image of 'February' in decorative text with vine like decorations around it on a pink background.
  • Rabbit has started standing on her own and attempting to walk. They’re not quite there yet, but soon.
  • Dropped another 50mg off my antidepressants with minimal fuss.
  • B and I have had 2, yes TWO!!!! date nights. One at the gorgeous Le Bon Ton and one, for my birthday, at Meat Maiden.
  • I decided to start putting together a folio to apply to RMIT fine arts and then got distracted and decided to add one of the arts institues to my applications. Big folio required.
  • Did an oil painting course and it rocked and suddenly I LOVE painting.
  • Turned 35.
  • Had a tarot reading with Ly De Angeles, who is fucking amazing. It was really interesting and I’m still digesting it and transcribing it days later.
  • B went to NZ.

And, right now, I’m butting heads with my diet. I need to keep improving it, but a lot of what is good for me is downright bad for J and not really stuff M will eat, so I cook two meals every night, or variations on one meal, or suck it up? I’m really fucking frustrated. I’m not able to just say cook for yourselves either, or I don’t feel like I can. *Sigh*

Images from Every-Tuesday blog by Teela. An awesome blog for those looking to get into or improve their skills in Lettering.

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