Art, Work, and Losing Ground

Christ things are hard at the moment.

On the good!

I really enjoy working in events. It’s great and the team I’m working for are lovely. The work is all day and full on so I don’t get bored and clock watch at all, which is wonderful. I also don’t tend to bring any of the day’s stresses home with me.

I got a HD for my first portfolio submission at uni. I was half way through my 2nd year when I dropped out and was a bit worried that it would go to hell in a hand basket as I was out of practice. All is good. (Two of my first works below)

Rabbit is growing fast and turning into a right little explorer of the world. She loves water, and gardening. Unfortunately I’ve had to cordon off one of my plants as she tries to garden inside a lot. She also enjoys food a lot aespecially vegemite and cheese sandwiches (but also including catfood and random things off the floor).


I’m really enjoying my studies, and am plannign personal artworks for when I have 5 damned minutes. I have a painting sketched up for one friend and another in development for a different friend.


The Bad…

Christ things are hard.

There’s nothing other then the three things above.

All my work on my mental health has stalled and I’ve lost a lot of ground. I’ve barely been able to work for my other clients in months and I’m perpetually out of spoons. I havent moped, cooked a decent meal or spent much time with my Beloved Wolf for quite a while and I see no end in sight.

I leave off uni for two days and then I completely ose my routine and start struggling to keep up, but working every night leaves no time for anything outside of Rabbit – which I have to bust my ass to make time for as it is.

I don’t know, there’s no point to this. Life is life, and right now it’s hard.

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