SoulCraft – Refashioning Your Wardrobe with Jane Milburn

This talk, of the three, was the one about actually creating things. Which is kind of amusing, but rather typical of me? Jane was delightful and is the author of Slow Clothing, a book on the slow fashion movement. She had bought samples from her own wardrobe of upcycled clothing and accessories to show us and discuss.

It was a rather informal talk, but one I took a few things from.

  1. Buy second hand and stop the fashion waste. And in like, donate old clothes you no longer wish to own rather than throwing them out.
  2. Buy natural fibers – they’re so much better for the environment.
  3. Repair clothes – And don’t be afraid to be creative about it. Use a contrasting thread, embroider patches or sew on cute buttons to cover holes, attach a different fabric, add lace.
  4. Update clothes – Look for the potential in an item. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you can add to it or cut away, pin on some lace.
  5. Upcycle clothes – Don’t be scared to cut them up and completely refashion items. Shirts become skirts, skirts become cute tops etc.
  6. If you absolutely must buy new then buy the best you can afford. It will last longer and therefore not contribute to fashion waste as much.

For me, it left a desire to see if I can get through the remainder of this year without adding anything ‘new’ to my wardrobe.


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