Ritual Notes: Hekate at the Crossroads

A Shrine to Hekate

I am struggling to find words for this post even though I do wish to write about it. The short version is my very pregnant butt made it to a wonderful ritual for Hekate of the Crossroads and came out feeling refreshed, assured and inspired.

The longer version…

I honestly wasn’t sure how I’d go in the ritual. I arrived exhausted, having finished the years Christmas shopping after spending 4 hours waddling slowly around a major shopping centre. On that front I was surprised to reach the end and feel better for the night’s work – but I did sleep 19 of 24 hours the following day. Take that how you will.

Of the actual ritual I wont say much. It was a private ritual, in a private home, and it remains private, but of my own experiences in it…

To be held in power by a deity is awing and overwhelming usually, but this felt more like being faced with a mother. Gentle, kindly and yet still awing and powerful in Her own right. I handed to Her what I had to give, and felt it little to be offering at her feet, and in return I was given the guidance to move forward in 3 ways:

  • Reassurance that I was on the right path and that motherhood was as much part of the path I am to walk with Her as devotion and magic is.
  • A firm yes to the importance of spinning and weaving as part of my devotion and magic with Her. Both skills I am gearing up to learn in the next year.
  • Guidance to where I am on my personal crossroads, where I have strengths and where I have blocks I need to overcome to best serve Her and improve my own life in those cardinal directions.

Simple things, perhaps, but important at a time where my life is at a huge crossroads.
Even had I not gotten so much out of this ritual it still was one of the loveliest I have had a chance to attend this year. I do so hope there are many more to come.

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