Good News/Bad News on the Health Front

Some days I feel like I absolutely can’t win.

A week ago I had a massive blood screening done in the name of seeing what we could find out about my health. The hope was we could find something that may indicate the cause of the pain my hands are in.

So the bad news: Nada. Absolutely nothing to indicate there is any underlying cause for the pain my hands are in.

But, the good news: I am disgustingly, revoltingly, stupidly healthy according to my blood work. Everything except my PCO marker is exactly where it should be, and I was diagnosed with PCO/S years ago so that’s a known entity.

This includes:

  • General vitamin/mineral stuff (Vitamin D is back to normal – whoop)
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood sugar (we have a family history of diabetes so this is always a good thing)
  • The various markers that would indicate rheumatoid arthritis development
  • Inflammation markers
  • All forms of immunology markers including antibody levels (for the first time in a decade!)
  • Blood cell counts
  • Thyroid
  • Tumor markers

I am absolutely, disgustingly, perfectly healthy.

Next step is more x-rays of my hands and also some ultrasounds of them so see if there’s any tissue damage or cystic growths impinging on the nerves.

Which comes to my second bit of good news: New doctor is fucking amazing. Seriously.


I have been told by doctors before that my weight is a concern when seeing them for everything from a fucking chest infection to back pain that I’ve had since I was a skinny kid of, like, 15. I’ve always had breasts that were large for my proportions and it causes back strain. You try carrying several kilos of weight on your chest all day everyday.

This doctor mentioned that I was carrying a bit of weight around my stomach and I needed to watch that, as with the PCOS I will have a hard time losing it. She was actually surprised when I admitted that I am my current weight (and insisted on checking it on her scales) and then, instead of just telling me to lose it and sending me on my way, she sat down and went through why it was an issue and what help she could give me. She listened when I told her about the struggles I have been having with it and what I had already tried. She gave me a referral to a nutritionist and dietician so I had some qualified support. She explained the difference in what level of exercise a normal person needs and what someone with PCOS needs to have the same effect due to metabolism issues PCOS causes.

In other words she wasn’t an asshole about it and, instead of wanting to punch her in the face, I left feeling apprehensive but actually like I have a chance in hell of working through this.

So yeah, health update: All is technically awesome, but we still don’t know why I’m in pain 24/7

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