I’m over everything.

I’m ok with life – home is good, work is good, study goes well. My foot is feeling better and the pains in my knees, hips and back are better too.

I’m not ok with life – if i had any idea how much coming off my antidepressants was going to suck I probably would never have tried. This sucks. Sucks balls. I am so anxious, and just when I got to the point of not anxious something new came up. I’m holding massive amounts of tension through my upper back so it hurts badly.

I’m avoiding social media for the most part. The lack of compassion and empathy people show for each other is not making me happy. Big secret that really shouldn’t be a secret to anyone – I’m a a huge softy with a lot more patience than I let on.

I care. I care that people, even complete strangers, are ok.

I just don’t have it in me to deal with the shit that’s been going down lately though. It makes me want to cry.

So I’m writing an essay on blogging and knowledge production. Drinking tea. Listening to Duran Duran because reasons.

Kind of wish I lived closer to people so I could have company easily for such things.

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