Whelp that explains it…

The reason the stretching and shit hasn’t been helping my foot has been discovered.

The plantar fascia (ligament that runs under the arch of your foot) is around double, if not a little more than double, the width it should be because it’s been so over worked. It also has a 6mm long and 3mm wide tear in it. I’ve got scar tissue on the ligament on the outside of the ankle, some mild inflammation at the join of my achilles tendon and heel bone and general signs that my foot is incredibly unhappy because I walk weird.

I also still have that bone spur, which would have been caused by the walking weird aggravating my plantar fascia.


And this is why I’m in pain.

Solution is some medical inner soles for my shoes to help me walk like a regular person and quitting dancing. On the plus side, I should be able to run again once I have the inner soles and have let the tearing heal.

Today I have learnt things. Go me.

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