Wanderers dream

I have the weirdest fucking dreams. If they were more fleshed out I’d be a novelist. Today I wasn’t feeling well and slept for hours – pretty much all afternoon – and had a dream.

It was America, and the cities had been built so densely that the roofs had been turned into a roadway that covered the entire country and had parks and things grown on top of them. The middle class to very rich lived in closed neighbourhoods of varying levels of sprawl with filtered air and the poor in dense, cramped conditions sans air filtration. People were mostly poor.

My dream followed a young woman walking across the roof-road as a traveller. She was middle class and kind of naive and sweet. There was an interaction with a poor family that lead to her lighting incense in a crowded temple etc.

It was weird, kind of post apocalypse, very cool idea though.

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