The positive of a negative.

The plus side of redundancy is that you have time. Lots of time.

Now, admittedly, this is actually somewhat stressful at first. Especially if you’ve come from the kind of position that keeps you running all day and awake at night. There’s plenty of flailing about and running hard to find something new because unemployment is bad. After a bit the mind does seem to settle down and, at least for me, the time becomes a boon. There’s no work planning or stress, and no immediate pressing tasks to be done. The housework is on track and dinner can be started at any point.

This is the point where you can stop and really reconsider life, work and priorities.

I’ve had a pretty hectic career. I moved out of home and (stupidly) got myself into serious debt quite young, so for a very long time the name of the game was survival. A lot of early hospitality and retail positions gave way to low paid administration and reception work. From there I worked myself up into better administration, scheduling and even some office management work. Ill health meant that when I was well I was working and when I wasn’t… I wasn’t working, I was sick. Being sick doesn’t tend to make down time productive.

I’ve made it to my 30’s without ever really stopping to evaluate my position in life or my goals. I have a ‘sort of’ career because I never made time to figure out how to take my skills and knowledge and turn it into something worth writing home about. Forward planning was never my strong suite in all fairness. Getting through the day unscathed – that I can do blindfolded.

So here I am, in my 30’s as mentioned, coming to a few conclusions:

  • I am an organiser by nature, but that doesn’t restrict me to administration roles.
  • Work life balance is a thing that people need.
  • Time off from work to evaluate and plan is wonderful.
  • Forward planning is fabulous.
  • Not once in my life has anyone ever even suggested that you could plan your career or tried to teach me how.
  • is a life saving resource for anyone in my position. Educational resources at my finger tips. Wonderful.

I’m working, at the moment, more on the career planning and goal setting side of things than the actual job hunting. I’m in an enviable position where this is a viable way for me to spend time. In the past ‘career’ has effectively equaled what am I qualified to do and what is the first job I can get that pays enough to keep a roof over my head. Now it’s what are my skills, what are my goals, what do I enjoy and what do I need to learn to bring all that together into something that inspires and energises me.

I never thought being restructured out of employment could be seen as a good thing, and yet here I am. Apparently there’s a silver lining to that redundancy after all.

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