First Quarter Review

A quick review of the new year resolutions. A check in and all that.

The Career Stuff

It’s a slow crawl and there are new changes coming in which will make doctors cry, but overall I am travelling in the directions I want. Workload is more under control, which flows into stress load more under control. Slowly building the job I want into it.

EDIT: I was retrenched yesterday. Just trying to figure out what’s next.


It would help if I wasn’t permanently sick, but this is also going along smoothly, if a little slowly. Need to get that monthly dinner going again. Others are actually continuing nicely.

Plan a fucking wedding.

Invites out, things booked, dresses chosen, and onwards we go.

Lose weight and get fit

Fail… Can’t run (doctors orders), only just got back to yoga, sucked at my diet stuff and generally screwed myself over with this one. Working on it in small steps over the next quarter. Currently working on the diet, trying to make it to aerial yoga each week and talking to a bellydance instructor regarding whether her classes will be suitable for me.

Make more art

On the list of things that work better if you don’t pack everything. *Le Sigh*

Reading List

I’m reading a lot but not the things on that list. Meh, I’m reading!

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