Re-learning baking

I learnt how to bake at my mother’s elbows as a child. My mother cooks some of the most delicious baked goods I have ever had in my life. Her caked put store bought, cafe and even the finer restaurant cakes to shame. I’ve always wished I was half as skilled as she was. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty damned good. Not Mum good, but pretty damned good.

Going gluten free means starting from scratch. Nothing I knew will work anymore which is just… frustrating.

It, once again, says a lot that instead of sad and overly intimidated I’m actually rather excited about it. Bread will be a while in the making, but cookies, cakes, pastries… scones. These things are necessary parts of my existence. I will learn to make them asap.

First up is scones.

I love scones, and my lovely friend (and author) Nicole Field was heading over to write on my couch so scones and tea sounded like a perfect idea. I’ve never had a good gluten free one so this was a bit scary, admittedly. I followed this recipe from The Sensitive Epicure. It started really well, but at I was a little unsure by the end. The dough was very very very soft. Unusually wet for a scone dough. I passed on the kneading and plopped the dough into a pie dish to cook as a single piece when chilling it didn’t really help.

And the results are pretty fucking good. It’s got a perfect crumb. Soft and fluffy, very light.

Slightly too salty, but I realised upon a re-read that I actually put in far too much butter and forgot to add the sugared top which would explain the very wet dough and slightly too saltiness.

The first piece fell apart, but the following piece slipped out perfectly formed and crumbled no more than a normal gluten filled scone.

Score one for the first baking effort of gluten-free life! Nicole noted a slight aftertaste which I think would have been caused by the millet flour. I can’t say I noticed and she wasn’t overly bothered by it so…

Next up, tomorrow night’s dessert.


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