Great Success

I’m having a nice evening.

[Image: She seems so excited about something – Zatransis] This was me in the specialists office when he had a hard and fast diagnosis!
B and I had a couple of rough days. Just general life stuff making us both feel lousy, tired and stressed, but things have gotten better.

Last night I FINALLY got a diagnosis on what the ever loving fuck was wrong with my body. I have an autoimmune condition called Ulcerative Colitis. It is an inflammatory bowel disease and responds best to a mix of medication and…

Wait for it! *Drum roll*

… Dietary changes! Woo, just what we always wanted, right? More restrictions on my diet. Yet I’m thrilled. I have a hard and fast diagnosis which means something to work with. FINALLY. And the changes are, honestly, kind of minimal. Keep with the fructose free, keep chilli/spice to a minimum when I’m having a flare up, the same with caffeine and take gluten out of my diet.

I should be stressed about it all, but it’s somehow easier this time than it has been in the past. For those friends reading this just be aware that my eating out options just got a lot more limited and/or I’ll need time to prepare in advance (read: contact restaurants we’re booked into). I should be a lot healthier soon at least.

On top of that I got this website working, and I am picking up XHTML and CSS back up quite quickly. My next job on here is to make the front page look much nicer at

Life is good. I’m on holidays and heading to Daylesford tomorrow to chill the fuck out.

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