Well Fuck! Sort of…

So it’s been a while. I’ve been suffering a long string of further health problems, including ongoing exhaustion issues, which came to a head when my digestive system started doing some rather odd and scary things. I hauled my ass to the GP who proceeded to scare the crap out of me but suggesting I may have bowel cancer….

A couple of very tense weeks and a few expensive specialist visits later and I am assured I do not have bowel cancer.

This makes me very happy.

I did however get a dual diagnosis of digestive system issues, a third potential problem in my oesophagus that we’re waiting on lab results for and a number of biopsies have been taken to check that the first two, which were visual diagnosis’ aren’t linked to anything else or part of a bigger problem. Go me, I don’t fucking do anything in half measures.

A lot of reading later and the short answer to the main two is goodbye gluten and lactose – and my body still has no love for fructose. So basically I’m on the strict end of the FODMap diet going forward, instead of the half assed version I’ve been getting away with for the past few years.

I’m looking at the bright side: I don’t have cancer.

Also this fucking thing won’t scroll down on my mac. Fucking new post editor.

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