Corrupting perfectly good recipes

AKA. Tycho put up a recipe and then I added Western ingredients.

So my wonderful foodie friend put up the recipe for Hainanese Chicken that he learnt when he was in school. Easiest thing he knows how too cook. I concur, this is ridiculously easy.

Tonight’s bowl of delicious.

I’ve corrupted it with additions of a bit of carrot and celery straight into the pot with the chicken. Prior to adding the chicken to the water I also fried up some garlic cloves*, spring onion, ginger, lemongrass, and coriander in a mix of onion infused oil and sesame oil which also went in with the chicken.

*Use a mix of onion infused and garlic infused oils if overly sensitive to fodmap, however you won’t be eating the flesh so should be fine. 

A little bit of oil on the skin to brown up the chicken under the grill to reheat and off we go. We added a side of green, grilled veg, brown rice, and hoisin sauce. We also had hot sauce, chilli sauce and some tamarillo and chilli jam to experiment with. The hoisin won hands down.

The full meal. Much nomming was done.
The full meal. Much nomming was done.

So this one is made of win and met with The Wild One’s full approval. We have left overs for lunch as I did three marylands and it was healthy and filling.

Not to mention 5 odd litres of delicious stock (ramen here we come).

I have to admit I really prefer this way of cooking, starting it off in the morning with only a little to do in the evening. I’m often quite tired by 4-5pm and a bit flakey so complex meals aren’t fun to cook. Having the foundation prepped and down first thing, when I’m most functional, makes it a lot easier.

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