A Weekend Away (A week later)

Oops, it’s been a bit chaotic this past week so I didn’t get to this update.

Last weekend was my Father’s wedding in Perth. He was getting married to his partner of a few years Hazel. I must admit I am a little funny about Hazel. My father had an affair with her while still married to Mum, and Hazel had spoken about 10 words to me in the few times we met. The wedding wasn’t any difference. I didn’t exist, nor did my brothers. Probably because we told both she and the old man exactly what we thought of them when he got busted having the affair… Anyway, I digress.

All that aside it was a great weekend away. I arrived on the Thursday to cool and windy weather. Had coffee with the old man after he picked me up and sorted out where I needed to be on Friday. I also had dinner and drinks with the middle child. As the middle child was meant to be in Bali he was in a feral mood but it was great to catch him.

Friday morning I went to pick up suits with the old man and the best men. I had a blast and made a friend out of Victorian local Greg who I was sat with at the wedding. The boys Scottish and we had an absolute blast picking on each other over lunch at the Moon and Sixpence. I then proceeded to sleep all afternoon. Saturday night it was off to dinner with the lovely D and Wuff at an awesome vegetarian place in Northbridge called Utopia. Seriously good fucking food. Wuff and I are both familiar with Perth so we dragged D down to Ezra Pound, one of the best bars I know in Perth for drinks. The bartender was cute, bouncy and enthusiastic so I let him lose with a ‘make it sweet without apple of aniseed’ and got this:

I have no idea what it is but it was tasty!


Saturday, and it was time to say goodbyw to Wuff as he returned to Melbourne and his family (hello guys!) after breakfast at Fast Eddie’s, an American style 24 hour diner that does great breakfast food. I had Eddie’s for breakfast the entire time I was there. Then it was get changed and get moving. I wanted the dress off less than 15 minutes after I put it on… that was around 9am.

Family and professional photos was… well… *** THAT*** Aunt was drunk at roughly 10:30am. Her husband, one of the best men, was also rather wasted. I got to see the brother of the bride butt naked because he hadn’t closed the bathroom door… this was a highlight for the day because “Hello sailor”. My feet were killing me before we got out of the hotel to go to the ceremony. I almost punched out That Aunt for abusing the poor fucking taxi driver who took us to the Spire for the wedding. The ceremony was very pretty and short thankfully, and the middle child showed up… after the bride.

We killed some time at a pub then got on the boat for the speeches and food. By this time it was 6pm and I’d not had anything except breakfast, a glass of scotch and 3 glasses of wine. They at least got it right and we ate before speeches. No one got thrown over board despite their best efforts to piss me off and we actually had a lot of fun. I got hit on by a very drunk wedding guest who was cute but too drunk to even consider taking back to the hotel.

And in true style That Aunt managed to pick a fight with the ‘limo’ driver on our way back to the hotel…

And now PHOTOS! These are just from my phone but they’re a start:

The blurry bride and groom cut the cake


The view from the boat as we left the spire
Our ‘limo’ ride home


We went back to the hotel via King Park lookout. This was the view at around midnight.


LOOOOOOOT! Gluten free chocolate wedding cake (moist, soft and oh so rich), wedding candy aaaaand a pair of Tiffany’s earrings. I still have no idea why they bought ME anything that expensive but… pretty!


And finally me. Looking pretty despite having been in that outfit with full makeup since 9am (well over 15 hours at that point).


I had the following day free to hang out with D and introduced him to Fremantle Markets and checked out classic cars cruising the main strip before dinner at Little Creatures with the youngest, his ex-partner and their gorgeous 2 year old daughter.

And then there was Monday… Monday gets its own post tomorrow…


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