maybe you’re like me.  maybe you were raised by fuck ups who were so deep into their own problems they put all of their negativity onto you.  maybe because you were “different” or “special” school seemed like the stanford prison experiment.  and maybe, for whatever reason, shitty thinking and incredibly low self esteem are what your brain defaults to.

so you probably don’t need any help seeing the crappy side of just about anything.  i know it is one of my greatest skills.

what i’m getting at here is YOU NEED TO SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD, KIND, CREATIVE PEOPLE who are not going to be threatened by your success or in some backhanded way try to protect you from your dreams.  regardless of what your dreams are.

there will always be plenty of people, some of them friends and family, who want to take a shit on your happiness and tell you that what you want to do can’t be done, or is a waste of time, or isn’t real, or is simply stupid.


and get them the fuck out of your life.

thanks for reading.

this message brought to you by the “holy shit i am allowed to be happy” company.

Totally fucking relevant to everything right now.

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  1. Wow, I feel fortunate to have seen this. I’ve been having issues with this very thing recently….with quite a few folks I considered friends. I guess when I decided to “move,” from the log I was perched on (really do something with myself) it called upon that infamous…’What am I doing with myself?’

    If you have a moment, check out my blog (stories come out in a few entries). But this original blogger is absolutely right in my estimation so thank-you for reblogging. So…RUN.


    1. Sadly, I’m getting told your blog has been deleted 😦

      I love this blogger so much for these words. There’s a thousand little negative comments that should be meaningless that have sucked the life out of my art over the years. Rebooting, slowly but surely.


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